Weapon of Mass Persuasion: Course 1

Robin Koerner offers his insights in his first course on political persuasion.

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Paradigms - an Introduction


Thomas Kuhn and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions


The idea of the "paradigm"


Paradigms determine perceptions as well as interpretations.


Paradigms consist of concepts and relationships.


Paradigms are associated with a unique vocabulary, which carries those concepts.


But the same word can have different meanings in different paradigms

- (e.g. mass in Newtonian physics vs. Einstein's physics or justice in politics).


Media Reflect Prevailing Paradigms - Not Ground Truth


All reasoning is motivated.


We are wired to see the world in ways that reinforce our current paradigms.


Example from the media: "Iran Test Fires Missile Can Reach Israel"


Media reflect prevailing paradigm more than they reflect "ground truth".



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