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Focusing on increasing choice, opportunity, and prosperity at the local level while reducing the size and scope of intrusive government.

We bring years of proven experience in activism, politics, and marketing to the entire Libertarian community in a compact, interactive format that we can all use to improve our communities, municipalities, and our nation.


We teach liberty and how to win.


Develop Libertarians around you every day,


Our goal is to grow the Libertarian community.


Run and win, running for local and state offices as Libertarians.


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  • I thoroughly enjoyed Michael's "Foundations of the Libertarian Party" Presentation at the Libertarian Party of Colorado 2016 convention. He and his team thoughtfully put together a comprehensive and informative presenation that even taught this longtime Libertarian a few things about our Party's history. I highly recommmend this for anyone interested in America's third largest party, whether they are new to libertarian thought or a veteran Libertarian Party member.

    Brett Bittner, Executive Director,
  • I highly recommend this seminar! I am getting my second wind and am pumped (again) for Liberty! Michael Pickens does a fantastic job - thank you!

    Cristi Kendrick
  • I attended the foundational seminar in Bellevue, WA. Michael does a great job of explaining Libertarian fundamentals and connecting them with information, organizational and motivational ideas and tools with immediate practical ideas and tools with practical application. You will gain insight and learnings that further your decision to run, help you build your team and run your campaign. Even if you are not running or considering a run, you will meet great people and become more connected and more effective in whatever you do to support the party or a specific candidate. No matter what your current level of understanding, commitment or involvement in furthering Liberty, your next step should be to attend your closest Libertarian Leadership seminar!

    Gregor Purdy, Technology Entrepreneur and Advisor
  • I've been involved in the Libertarian Party since 2004 and Libertarian Leadership is doing the leadership training that has never been done before. By following their suggestions, the Libertarian Party of Iowa was able to double the amount of candidates we were running in just 2 weeks! If your are only going to financially support one libertarian organization, Libertarian Leadership is the one to support,

    Jake Porter, 2018 Candidate for Iowa Governor
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